Game On!

Game On!

May 25, 2016 1:49 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

We finally got our push of water we were all hoping for.  Consistent flows set right at 7,000 have got our fish moving around and eating in a big way.  No details yet on future releases, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the river hits somewhere around the 10,000 mark.  There have been some rumors floating around, but nothing confirmed…


Mike and Ethan with a daily double

From now until early July we will see some of the best nymph and streamer fishing the Bighorn has to offer.  Water temps have bumped up to the 46-47 degree mark and expect the river to be even warmer the lower you go.  The worm bite is just getting started, so Wire Worms and big San Juans will dominate here shortly.  The fish have been absolutely gorging on sowbugs and scuds.  Softhackle Ray Charles (14-16 tan, grey), Softhackle Sowbug (Pink, tan 14-16), Pete’s Carpet Bug and Pink scuds are all great options right now and will catch plenty of fish.  Below 3 mile, fish have shown some serious interest in annelids, so Red Midge larva and anything in that realm will be a good trailer bug.  2 BB’s are becoming the norm for weight and run your rigs deep (at least 8′ to from indicator to split shot).  Expect the lower river to clear up from all the drifting algae with the stabilization of the water. 

bow net

A lot of these nice rainbows in the system right now

It’s streamer time and it’s just getting going.  Lots of fish are pushed up in banks and pockets with the increased flows.  Pick your poison as far as patterns, but lately our favorites have been Delekta’s Screamer (olive/black), Sparkle Minnow (sculpin, black), Peanut Envy’s (black, white, olive) and Area 51 (black/olive).  Quick retrieves in softer water is the winning combination.  Floating lines are just fine to fish right now as the fish are extremely grabby!

Kyle streamer bow

The Lerch with a nice streamer eating Bow


Sorry dry fly guys.  It’s looking a little grim as far as surface opportunities. There have been a handful of BWO’s around and the odd fish found here and there, but nothing of any consistency.  Plenty of terrestrials are active, so ants and beetles should be a top pick this time of year.

The Bighorn is ‘moving’ right now and things can happen quick.  This is not the best time to learn how to row a drift boat, so please use caution while floating.  The Bighorn ramp will become an issue and if you aren’t used to taking out at high flows, you might take a look at it before you do it.  Please be safe out there!

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