TroutHunter Leaders and Tippet

TroutHunter Leaders and Tippet

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TroutHunter Leaders and Tippet Material

Trouthunter tippet

Trouthunter Fluorocarbon Tippet

Every year the fly fishing industry is flooded with new products.  While most simply clutter an already over saturated market, every so often a product comes along that changes the way we fish.  TroutHunter Fluorocarbon tippet material is one of those products.  The boys at TroutHunter reached out to their contacts in Japan to  find the ultimate tippet material like a bamboo rod artisan goes to China to select the finest stalks of bamboo.  They have succeeded by creating the finest tippet material and leaders in the world.

Unlike many fly fishing products that hit the market today,   the shop staff and guides at TroutHunter on the Henry’s Fork ruthlessly tested their leaders and tippet material against some of the most demanding real world fishing conditions.

The Result;  TroutHunter tippet & leader material gained resounding approval by some of the most competent angling professionals in the country.  After putting their material to the test last year I found the same to be true.

“Through an extensive process of elimination we eventually settled on one fluorocarbon as being distinctly superior to anything we had ever used.  The inclusion of half sizes in smaller diameters expands the range of options when matching tippet size to the situation counts most. And the 50m spools and convenience in addition to a very low cost per meter when compared to other brands.”  – Rene Harrop Trouthunter

Below are a few of my favorite TroutHunter products for fishing the Bighorn River

TroutHunter Fluorocarbon Tippet

TroutHunter’s fluorocarbon incorporates a unique co-polymer material design that is used by only a few of the top tippet makers in the industry today.  Their co-polymer material has a hard inner core that provides the ultimate in tensile strength, while the softer outer core lends itself to tying the best knots possible.  The softer outer core is especially important when tying fluorocarbon tippet to nylon leaders because often stiffer, fluorocarbon tippet material can bite into nylon leaders weakening your tippet to leader knot connection.  TroutHunter’s softer outer core alleviates this problem

Simply put, their fluorocarbon has changed the way I fish.  TroutHunter’s incredibly strong fluor0carbon provides me with an unprecedented level of confidence on the water and their wide range of sizes, including half sizes in 4.5x, 5.5x and 6.5x , gives myself and my clients ultimate versatility in every fishing situation we encounter.

While the $22.95 retail price may cause sticker shock at first, TroutHunter tippet comes in 50 meter spools, which is almost twice as much as it’s competitors.  At a price of .45/meter TroutHunter fluorocarbon is a great value when you compare tippet manufacturers by their unit price.  And if that’s not enough?……. TroutHunter has designed the best tippet spool on the market!

TroutHunter Finesse Leaders

On the Bighorn River match the hatch dry fly fishing is the name of the game.  TroutHunter Finesse Leaders are made from premium nylon monofilament, they turnover exceptionally well, while being surprisingly supple.  Their combination of inherent suppleness and exceptional turnover allows anglers to present their fly with precision in the most demanding dry fly situations.

Finesse Leaders come in both 9′ and 12′ lengths from 0x to 7x.  I utilize the 9 foot leader formula on the Bighorn the most often and frequently add a 3 – 4 foot section of tippet to the end of the leader when fishing conditions demand a flawless drag free drift.

The Bottom Line

I often see anglers spend a $1,000 on a rod, reel and line and overlook their most important piece of equipment; the leader and tippet. TroutHunter has set a new standard in tippet  and leader, quality and design.  Their tippet and leaders provide me and my clients with the best possible solution to the most demanding fishing conditions.  I don’t set out on the water without it and neither should you!

For more information on TroutHunter Leaders and tippet visit


Trouthunter Tippet Material

Trouthunter Tippet Material



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  • Dag Roar Madsen says:

    Hello MTANGLER

    I have one question for you. I’ve just bought some leaders from TroutHunter. You said you are using Finesse 9 foot and adding tippet 3-4 foot. Are you using 9 foot 5X leader and add directly new tippet or is it another dimension on the leader tippet ?. I asume you don’t cut anything of before adding 3-4 foot


    Dag Roar Madsen

    • mtangler says:

      I add tippet right on to the brand new 9 foot leader if the fishing situation or conditions demand a more stealthy approach or a longer drag free drift of the fly.

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