Great Spring Fishing on the Bighorn

Great Spring Fishing on the Bighorn

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Spring is rolling on the Bighorn.  Anglers from all around are here, the weather is nice (for the most part) and the fishing keeps getting better.

Close up Streamer in Mouth

BWO’s and Midges are out in full force from late morning to early afternoon.  Not many fish up in the sun the past few days, but when it’s cloudy, it’s on!  The fish aren’t too picky yet, so general CDC Baetis patterns in 18’s and 20’s are doing the trick. Most of the BWO’s are below 3 Mile, although a handful have been spotted on the upper river.

Nymphing for numbers continues to be the choice of most anglers.  We’re still running a larger sowbug up top and a midge or Baetis dropper later in the day.  Best bugs the past week include: Caviar Scud, Pink Crush, Cotton Candy, Firebead Ray, SH ray, Wondernymphs, Lil’ Uglies, Rootbeer midges and Eddie Vedders.  The fish are starting to move into the faster tailouts and banks as water temps are slowly warming.   The majority are still in the 4-6′ depth and slower runs. 

Streamer fishing is really starting to pick up.  The cloudy days are way better, just like the dry fly activity.  Black has been the best color the past few days.  Hothead Slumpbusters, JR’s, Pete’s Bugger, Thin mints and smaller buggers are all good choices. 

Two Dog BT

Ruby and Frank inspecting a Bighorn specimen

Flows are still at 7500 cfs and so far no word of increases in the future.  The recent warm weather has started melting a bunch of snow, slowly increasing inflows.  Good news is there is quite a bit of room in the lake for incoming water, so we’ll see what happens. 


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