Great Weather ahead for the Bighorn

Great Weather ahead for the Bighorn

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We have experienced quite the cold snap here on the Bighorn, but the good news is that the weather ahead looks rather promising! Last week we experienced a drastic drop in temperature with numerous days reaching into the ares of -8 to -25. As we look ahead on the weather forecast for this upcoming weekend, and into next week ,we are expected to receive  temperatures reaching into the low 30s, as well as the mid 40s. Fishing has been good, but as we all know this time of year will push fish into slower deeper parts of the runs and the tailouts. It is important to find these sections of  river as fish have podded up, and are not as spread out as they once were months before.

The water temperature as well as the trout are cold, therefore there is a slight decrease in their metabolism. As much as the temperatures have dropped the trout are still very much active. Nymph fishing has been productive as always, but search for areas where trout are grouped together for this can be the ticket to success. As for streamers they have been working great. This time of year experiment with your retrieve, as speeding up and slowing down your retrieve can make all the difference. As for dry flies we have not seen a ton of fish up on them. If  you start to see heads boil you may notice that they are keyed in on mostly midges, although there are still a few leftover fall baetis. As these fall baetis are not as strong in numbers as they once were, fish will still come up to the surface for them. The brown trout are spawning now, and we do ask that you pay close attention so that they are not disrupted.

Streamers: Sparkle minnows, Krystal buggers in olive and black, Small zonkers in natural and white, Small JJ’s, anything in the area of a size 6 with white or yellow/olive or yellow/brown combo works great as well!

Nymphs:  Soubugs such as the Firebead Rays in pink and grey (14-16), Soft Hackle Rays in pink, tan, grey (14-16), Killer Bugs,  Zebra midges, quill nymphs,  Red Midge larva as well as various other shades of tan, brown, olive, etc

Dries: Griffiths Gnats or anything that represents a cluster, Smoke Jumper Midges, CDC Transitional Midge. Pay attention for a few baetis lingering around. Such patters  as the Sipper Emerger, Student, CDC and regular Sparkle Duns will work great in sizes 18-22.


Beautiful December day at the Afterbay launch

Beautiful December day at the Afterbay launch

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