Heat of the Summer on the Bighorn

Heat of the Summer on the Bighorn

July 27, 2017 5:11 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Well we have less water than we did a week ago but it’s still not dropping like a rock.  The fishing continues to be very good, during certain parts of the day.  Early morning has been by far the best for those wishing to capitalize on dry fly fishing.  Evening has been ok, but the hatches are definitely not what they were.   

Tricos are still going strong early and anglers and guides in the area are racing to get in the prime spots.  We still have many trips meeting around 4:30 to 5 AM and it has been worth it.  Mid day is nap time.  Standard Trico fare such as CDC duns, Paraspinners, Poly Wing spinners, Purple haze are all working well.  Our first push of Mahoganies showed up the other day, so look for those to randomly appear.  A big dark bodied spinner works well for these bugs.  Hoppers are just around the corner so look for that to get better as the water drops.

For those not wanting to get up early, the nymphing and streamer fishing has been good, not great.  Warm water temps are making the fish a bit ‘sluggish’, although it is the Bighorn and you can still dredge up a few here and there.  Worms, Orange scuds, Pete’s Carpet bug, SH Rays are all prime picks right now.  Concentrate on the faster, shelf-type water.  There is also less grass in the fast water, which is definitely a bit of an issue.  

The river will continue to drop, we just don’t know when and to what level.  We receive bits and pieces of info here and there from the Bureau.  Water temps will drop as well once flows get down below 8K, which should help out the mid day fishing and overall river health.  Kyle tying on

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