High Flows?

High Flows?

March 16, 2017 3:46 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

We are now at 8,000 cfs and look to be there for the near future (some sources say until July).  A handful of people are wondering what’s going on and the reasoning for this.  In a nutshell, if the B.O.R. doesn’t keep the steady flow now, we could see real potential flooding as we near actual runoff (late May/June).  With a drainage snowpack of 137% in the Bighorns and the Winds @ 184%, there is a ton of snow in the high country.  Don’t worry, the fishing has been excellent and should continue to get better.

wayne double

This has been a common sight lately

Water temps are still very cold (37F) so still concentrate on slower portions of the runs.  Extra weight will help right now especially since you don’t have to worry about junk getting on your line.  Standard winter/early spring nymphs like SH Rays (tan/grey 14-16), Firebead Ray Charles, SH Sowbugs (pink 14-16) have been the best options for sure.  You can mess around with the midge patterns as well, but it’s sure a lot easier to keep a fish pinned on a bigger hook right now.  Nothing exciting on the worm report right now as water temps are cold, but as soon as it starts warming up, it should be worm 30.

Streamer fishing has been very solid with smaller bugs (buggers, squirrel leeches – black, olive).  Some fish are on the banks, but still a lot in the slower portions of runs.  Sink tips will still be an advantage right now.  

Solid, consistent dry fly fishing is right around the corner.  A lot of midges and a handful of Baetis are around, so that is good news!

brown close

The Bighorn is moving pretty quick in spots and the water is cold, so please be extra cautious out there.


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