In Memory: Laurie Watson 1950 – 2014

In Memory: Laurie Watson 1950 – 2014

December 7, 2014 11:46 am Published by 1 Comment

If you asked a guide who has been at this game for a long time what one of the best parts of their job is, many would reply… “The relationships we make with the anglers that fish with us.”

Our time on the water in the grand scheme of life is short, even for those of us who have chosen to make it our life’s work. The unfortunate part of life is that some people are never afforded the opportunity of knowing when their last cast will be.

I found out this week that one of my favorite fly fishers Laurie Watson from Calgary, Alberta has lost her tremendous battle against cancer. She is one of the kindest people I have ever had the pleasure to be around, and she lived life everyday for the joy of the moment that she was in.

Laurie appreciated the experience the Bighorn afforded her more than anyone I have fished with. She got the big picture – it was more than just fishing – it was about the beauty of the countryside, the intrinsic value of the fish themselves and of course the BIRDS! Man she loved photographing them and did so incredibly well. She knew the sound of each by name.

Best of all when she picked up a fly rod she did so with a purpose – giving it her all at every occasion, no matter what I asked of her. There were few anglers I have seen fish so hard or so well for that matter over the years.

The anticipation of her yearly trip with her husband George and the time spent in the boat with her will be missed. Yet every time I see a bird fly overhead as I paddle the Bighorn the memories of her will live on forever.

She was a friend of mine and a friend of the Bighorn Angler. A part of her will always live on the Bighorn.

It is somewhat ironic that this news came to us during Coach Jimmy Volvano week on ESPN. He was one of the most heroic individuals to ever fight the battle against cancer. The V Foundation is one of the leading foundations in cancer research throughout the world. It is worth the time to get familiar with his organization here.

It seems as though we lose several of our fishing friends to this disease each year and none of us are doing enough until a cure is found. Jimmy V’s speech is one of the most motivational speeches ever made and can be viewed below.

– Steve Galletta 12/7/2014

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  • Bill Bocks says:

    Hi steve,just took a look at the fishing report and jimmy v .so sorry to here of laurie watson,sounds like a great seems this time of year especially we remember loved ones and think of just how short life can be.i love the bighorn and all it,s environs around it. I wish you all a very merry christmas and happy new year.

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