Increasing Bighorn River Flows = Tough Fishing

Increasing Bighorn River Flows = Tough Fishing

June 3, 2018 2:51 pm Published by Leave your thoughts


Shiners falling out of BT Mouth

Well, there are a few times of the year the Bighorn fishes tough, and now is definitely one of them.  The increase in flows has brought on the moss and it has proved to be quite difficult to keep your bugs clean, even on the upper river. We should see flows stabilizing sometime this next week and all should be ok once that happens.  The fish are eating through the changing flows, but ‘inconsistent’ is the word of the week.

The water temps are on the increase, which always helps with the fishes’ feeding patterns.  Worms are becoming a more common food source since flows have come up.  Sowbugs are still the mainstay for the most part.  Wire worms, 2 Tone Chenille worms, SH Sowbugs (tan, grey), Carpet bugs, Pink Crush, Firebead Rays are all getting fish when you can break through the drifting salad. 

The Emerald Shiners haven’t quite made their appearance through the dam like we thought they would, but it could happen any day.  Streamer fishing will be lights out as soon as these flows stabilize whether they show up or not.  It’s not a bad option right now and might be the cleanest method out there.  

We’ll let you know what happens!

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