Indian Summer

Indian Summer

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A perfect fall day on the Bighorn

A perfect Fall day on the Bighorn

Fall has entered the Bighorn Valley.  The cottonwoods are beginning to change and the days are getting shorter.  Our weather remains very pleasant for early October.  Many days in the 70’s, although we have experienced some hellacious wind in the past few days. The fishing is transitioning into fall mode.

A lot of visiting anglers are complaining that the Bighorn is not fishing like it should for this time of year.  We agree in certain aspects, but overall, the river is fishing excellent.  Flows are on the drop – down to 3900 CFS this morning.  Floating grass is still an issue, but it usually is this time of year.  Many anglers are used to low flows this time of year and the fish being stacked up in certain runs.  With the grass displacing water up to 1000 CFS, the river flow resembles more of a 5000-5500 flow.  A lot of fish are stacking up in the deep runs such as the Aquarium, Drum and the Gravel pit.  Fishing a deep nymph rig (9′ to split shot) from a boat or throwing a heavy grain sink tip with a streamer through these troughs are what our guides are doing to get big numbers of fish in the boat.  Fly pattern selection has not changed a whole lot in the past month.  The usual – Soft Hackle Ray Charles ( Grey, Tan 16-18), Orange Scuds (8-14), Rainbow Warriors (18-20), Tungteasers (Black 18-20), Wire Worms (Red 4-6) and San Juan Worms (Wine, Red, Brown 8-10) are all producing.

We have seen a resurgence of Black Caddis in the afternoons, especially from 3 mile downstream, since the water temps have cooled down a bit.  There are a handful of Trico Spinners still around in the AM and have been seen as far up as the Afterbay.  A handful of Fall Baetis are showing up and should continue to get stronger as we move into the month.

Streamer fishing is getting better every week and will get pretty silly here as soon as the temps cool down a bit.  Cloudy days have been the most productive, but they will eat in the sun.  This time of year we really like fishing sink tip lines such as Rio’s DC or the Orvis Depth Charge.  The long tip keeps your bugs down in the effective zone and cuts through surface grass.  It seems that the Bighorn fish are eating about whatever you want to throw at them, but there are a few consistent producing patterns: Thin Mint Bugger (6), Black/Blue Krystal Bugger (4-6), Black/Olive Screamer(6), Lil’ Kim (6) and Black Peanut Envys.

Carry a wide variety of bugs for Fall streamer fishing

Carry a wide variety of bugs for Fall streamer fishing

October is a great time to fish the Bighorn.  The weather will stay nice for a good portion of the month and angler pressure will decrease.  This is one of our favorite months to spend on this river.

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