Late July Dry Fly Fishing on the Bighorn

Late July Dry Fly Fishing on the Bighorn

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The Bighorn has become a fisherman’s river as we move towards July.  What does this mean?  You get out of it what you put into it.  It’s not all that easy out there right now, but it’s good. Gone are the days of dropping the nymph rig off the oars and dragging bugs around.  The grass isn’t all that bad, but keeping your flies clean is A MUST right now (and listening to your guide!).  

Tricos are still going strong in the mornings and there are plenty of other anglers who have figured that out.  6 AM starts are becoming the norm for our trips to get the prime spots.  They aren’t up eating everywhere, but when you find them, there will be plenty.  Standard Trico Spinners and Duns are working well and they have not been too selective overall.  Black Caddis are still kicking around and provide some decent evening activity.

Hoppers?  Yeah, there are a few fish looking for them.  This will get better as well.

Nymphing has been a bit hit and miss, but as the water continues to drop and clear it should get better.  The upper river remains the most consistent overall, while 3-B seems be a more productive wade fishery.  Our top setup has been a Sowbug (Ray Charles – Tan, Carpet Bug – Tan, Natural Sowbug) with either a Poodle sniffer or smaller sowbug (16-18) behind it.  

The river is set to be around the 3K mark by the end of the month and just started dropping today.  We’ll keep you updated with what’s happening!


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