July Dry Fly Report

July Dry Fly Report

July 25, 2014 12:54 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The heat of summer on the Bighorn is upon us. Daily high temps have made early morning starts and evening fishing the best options, as the only tough part of the day is in the late afternoon.  It appears the Bureau has stopped moving river flows around on us for the foreseeable future. We are at a stable 2750cfs.   Water temperatures have cooled a bit, which is a good thing as we were reaching mid 60’s on the lower river.  Now the fish are very happy.


BA guide Seth Byler with the pig of the month.

Great hatches of Black Caddis have graced the Bighorn River.  From 9:00 AM until 2:00PM and again from 7:00Pm or so ’till dark expect to see good numbers of fish looking up.  The entire river from Afterbay to 2 Leggins has bugs, but greatest concentrations appear to be on the upper 3.  Our top patterns include Dill’s CDC Caddis, CDC Bubbleback emerger, CDC Palmered caddis and Hemingway Caddis.  A few lingering Yellow Sallies and PMD’s are around but the fish are definitely paying more attention to the Caddis.  A few hopper eats have been occurring as well so keep that in mind… (Pink/Peach has been the ticket).

Nymphing is still red hot.  The worm/sowbug combo has been the ticket, but as flows continue to drop expect fish to get dialed in more sowbug and caddis pupa patterns.  The fish are in some pretty shallow fast water right now making for some fun sight fishing as well.  Our top patterns this week include: Wire Worm (4-6), Atomic Worm (6), Softhackle Ray Charles (Grey, Tan 14-18), Poodle Sniffer (16-18), Dill’s Caddis Pupa (16-18), Green Wire PT’s and Olive PT’s (16-18).

It is prime summertime conditions on the Bighorn River right now which equates to many visiting anglers.  Please be respectful of both wade and drift fisher people and remember, there are a lot of fish in a lot of different places right now.


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