Late April Low Down

Late April Low Down

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The cold front we had this past week sure got the bugs going.  We are in full blown Spring dry fly season on the Bighorn.  Baetis in the afternoons and midges every hour before and after.  

Here is your dry fly checklist to be successful on the Bighorn Right now:


Shimizaki Dry Shake Liquid – This stuff is pure gold for dressing all dries.  It works fantastic on CDC, but don’t spill it on your pants.

Trouthunter Finesse Leaders – Designed on the Holy Grail of dry fly waters – The Henry’s fork, you know these are good.  

Tacky Fly Box – If you haven’t checked these out yet, you are missing out.  These are the answer to a lifetime fly box, unless you step on it of course. 

Amadou Patch – A quick pinch of this tree fungus dries out your bugs immediately.  Just keep it dry and it will last you a lifetime!


BWO Patterns: Top L to R – Cripple Thor, Dill’s Dun, Sipper Emerger, Flat Light Cripple, CDC Sparkle Dun, May Day BWO

Midge Patterns: L to R bottom half – Quigley’s Cluster, Renegade, Micro Wulff cripple, Smokejumper, Transitional Midge.


The nymph deal remains the same.  Any kind of small black Baetis or Midge patterns are working great.  Not too many secrets out there, but here are some that have been working for us:  Glass Bead Zebra, Tungteaser, Flashback Wondernymph, LBF’s and Black Quills.  In fact, a lot of our guides have been running a tandem setup with 2 different midges or midge/Baetis combo.  Running a sowbug/scud such as Firebead Softhackle (tan, grey 16-18), Softhackle Sow (pink, tan) or Orange Scud will be a good as a lead bug during most of the day as well. 

Streamer fishing has been good on the cloudy days, marginal in the sun.  Same program on those also: Black remains king – Black mini T & A, Black Rubberleg Bugger, Black Strip leeches.  Second pick has been: Sparkle Minnow Sculpin, Dirty Hippy – Tan or Lil’ Kims. 


Our water situation looks to be stable for a while.  The recent storms we had, have certainly added up the snow accumulation in the mountains.  We wouldn’t be surprised if there is some more water released in May, but no guarantees yet.


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