Late September Bighorn River Report

Late September Bighorn River Report

September 23, 2018 2:53 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

It looks like we’re slowly turning the corner to better Fall fishing.  The river has gained a bit of clarity the past few days, although the grass will continue to be an issue for at least a few weeks. There is A LOT in the river right now and it’s just starting to break loose.  


Foggy morning starts are becoming the norm

As far as the Bighorn Trout’s behavior, they are still keying on Tricos later in the morning and eating some Psuedos and Black Caddis later in the day.  So there is some dry fly fishing to be had, but it still is very technical. Small bugs and and small tippet are the norm.  It appears to be getting better…

Underneath nymphing is decent, IN SPOTS.  Watch where the guides are fishing and that’s most likely where the fish are concentrated.  Worms, Sowbugs, Pseudo nymphs and Orange Scuds are the goods right now.  Most guides are also running the squirmy worm right now with quite a bit of success, if you feel like getting dirty.  Focus on the spots without the swirly current (grass underneath) and wherever you can see even, fast current. 

More Fall weather is on the way, which should help drop water temps.  Expect some great fishing as soon as we get this grass out of the system (most likely by Mid-October, we’re hoping).


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