Late Summer Bighorn Update

Late Summer Bighorn Update

August 20, 2018 4:14 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

We have a bit of a weather shift here in the Bighorn Valley.  The past couple days of cooler weather have made our consistent Trico activity not so consistent.  Look for the end of the week for stable weather and the fish to get back on the Trico program.  Crowds have thinned out a bit, so the 4 AM spot race is not so much of an issue.  It’s still prime summer fishing here on the ‘Horn!


Darrel and Katie enjoying a great Trico morning

The upper 3 continues to provide the most consistent dry fly activity.  Tricos in the morning (8-11 or so) and Psuedos from late morning throughout the evening.  Our Bighorn trout have become fairly educated, so accurate casts and small tippet are key right now.   Hoppers will pick up a few bonus fish in the afternoons, but like the past few years, it’s not that consistent.

Nymphing has been fairly solid throughout the entire river.  Many of our guides are running a ‘short rig’ right now, which consists of 3-4′ of straight fluoro or mono to 4x tippet, 16-18″ to your first fly and the same to your back bug.  Run just a pinch of putty or a couple small 2 or 4 shot.  Fishing the foamy banks and seam lines has proven to be consistent.  A sowbug on top (Carpet bug, SH ray) and a smaller (18-20) sunk Trico Spinner, Tung Teaser or Pheasant tail below has been our best producing combo.  


Bighorn River guide staples for the month of August


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