Learn to Fly Fish

New to Fly Fishing or looking to hone your skills?

Learn to Fly Fish on the Bighorn River

The staff of the Bighorn Angler is made up of talented fly fishing guides who love to introduce others to the sport of fly fishing.  For newcomers to the sport, fly fishing your first time can be an overwhelming experience. Our team of knowledgeable and patient fly fishing instructors will teach you everything you need to know to get started and ensure that your first guide trip is a success.  And most importantly, that you have fun!

The Bighorn River is the perfect classroom to learn fly fishing for the first time, in fact there is probably no better place in the world.  Miles of productive in every direction, incredible insect hatches and numerous trout all make the Bighorn River a perfect place to learn how to fly fish.

Spending a day on the water is so much more than simply catching a trout.  It is about the beautiful scenery, wildlife, sights & sounds and camaraderie of the sport.  The Bighorn Angler will have you fully immersed in the fly fishing experience of a lifetime that will have you hooked for life!

Learn to Fly Fish – One or Two day Course

No one can learn everything about fly fishing in one or two days, but what we can do is lay down an excellent foundation to help you become a self-sufficient angler.  In this course we will teach you all the fundamentals of fly fishing.

Topics to be covered include: fly casting, choosing the right equipment, what trout eat; achieving a drift, how to read the water, fly pattern selection and basic fishing knots.

Cost: $375 per day for one or two anglers.  Cost includes all necessary equipment, tackle and flies. Includes a streamside lunch and beverages as well.