Leveled Out

Leveled Out

June 28, 2016 7:27 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The Bighorn has finally settled into a steady flow.  The drop from 7,000 to 2,500 cfs this past week certainly had the fish confused a bit, but success rates were still pretty solid.  Now that things are settled, look for the fishing to get better as we move towards July.

COdy Brown

Chef Ringo of Ember Food Company with a good shallow water brown..

We’re probably a couple few weeks out for any solid dry fly fishing, but the odd fish have been found up here and there.  Lingering Baetis will have fish up early afternoon and spinners on the water early and late will also have them up.  Terrestrial fishing is starting to pick up, so blind fishing with ants, beetles and chubbies will pick up a few bonus fish for you.  We’re setting up for a good PMD window, hopefully mid month.  No promises, but we’ll let you know.

Sowbugs are still the main course for those going subsurface.  Pink or Tan Softhackle Sowbugs (16-18), SH Ray Charles (tan, grey 16-20), Carpet bugs are all still the main bugs to be throwing.  The odd Baetis nymph and worm will pick up some fish, but the majority of fish are stuffed with crustaceans.  Water temps have warmed up just a bit, so we are seeing fish up in some of the faster shallow summer water.  The sight fishing right now is some of the best of the year as fish stick out like a sore thumb on the green carpeted bottom.  Speaking of green carpet, yes it is still quite mossy as you get about half way down from 3 Mile Access.  The fish are eating through it, but it’s still a pain to keep your bugs clean.  Very typical for this time of year.  Soon the grass will start growing and filter out some of that dreaded algae.  

Jim Bow

Jim came out with Warriors Afield this past week to beat up on some fish

Still fairly quiet on the river, so it’s a good time to come down before the madness begins.  

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