Memorial Weekend Fishing Report

Memorial Weekend Fishing Report

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It appears that we are over the bad weather slump we have experienced this Spring.  Warm day temperatures and stable water conditions have graced the Bighorn Valley.  The fishing isn’t too bad either.

The dry fly fishing has been getting better every week and many days the fish are found feeding with reckless abandon.  Warmer nights have kept Baetis spinners around for the mornings making for some great early fishing in the day.  Around 1:00 look for the Baetis emergence to occur and fish to be looking up in many spots.  Cloudy days have definitely had their advantages as far as number of fish feeding on top, but sunny days have not been to bad either.   Our favorite patterns right now include: CDC Sparkle Dun (Grey 18-20), Harrop Paraspinner (Rusty, BWO 18-20), Cripple Thor (18-20), Renegade (18-20) and Parachute Adams (18-20).

Peter and Rocket

Pete and Rocket enjoying a day of dry fly fishing

The river is a nymph fishers’ paradise right now.  Water temps have been bumping during the day and many fish are moving into some pretty fast shallow runs.  Adjusting your lead to the water type has had a dramatic effect on the number of fish caught.  In some spots, banks for example, minimal weight is required, while fishing heavier seams at least a 3/0 and B shot are the norm.  Our top producing patterns of the week are: Firebead Sowbug (Pink 14-16), Poxyback Sowbug (grey 14-16), Wondernymph (black 18-20), CDC RS2 (Grey/black 18-20), Red Midge Larva (16-18), Rootbeer midge, Wire Worm (Red 4-6) and 2 Tone Mini Worm (Red/brown, Wine/brown 12).

Players of the week.

Players of the week.

No word yet on possible flow increases for the future, but after all this warm weather, expect some high elevation snow to be filling the lake again.  Also please be aware of the massive rainbow trout spawn occurring now and keep off the light gravel patches to let the big bows’ do their thing.  There are plenty of other fish to be caught in a variety of spots.  You just might have to think outside of the box a bit.

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