Mid March Bighorn River Fishing Update

Mid March Bighorn River Fishing Update

March 16, 2018 3:18 pm Published by 2 Comments

Fishing has been downright awesome on the Bighorn!  Word is out and a few more people are showing up, but not quite ‘busy’ yet.  The only downside – low elevation snow melt has muddied up the river below Soap Creek and will probably be out for a while.  Everything else above is in perfect shape.

The good news for dry fly guys and gals is the recent abundance of Midges.  We’ve had some great calm, spring-type weather, which has really made the fish look up.  Look for piles of Midges late morning through most of the day.  They’ve been clustering quite a bit also.  There is an odd BWO here and there, but will be a few weeks until that is the main deal.  Standard CDC Midge patterns (Smokejumpers, Students) are about all you need.  They haven’t been too picky yet!

Nymphing has been ‘lights out’ lately.  The fish are still concentrated in the slower deeper runs, but they are stacked.  We had several guide trips out this past week and the best bugs were:  Cotton Candy (14,16), Carpet Bug (Tan 16), Firebead Rays (pink, tan 14-18), SH Rays (tan, pink, grey), Caviar Scuds, Zebras, Red Midge larva.  The river is up to 5500 cfs, so don’t forget to run a fair amount of weight.  

sowbug umpqua

About all you need right now, along with the new UMPQUA Magneto box

We are open daily 7 AM – 5 PM right now.  There are some killer sale items in the shop as we are getting new inventory daily, so stop in and see us!!

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  • Bob Santos says:

    Hi Steve, Bob Santos here, we’ll be there in August with the Ed Lombardo group. Looking forward to being there. Hope the river is recovering from what it was like last year. In the 15 years I’ve been coming, it was not good. I cannot believe I’m even saying that about the Big Horn at Ft. Smith. See you in August

    • Bighornangler says:

      Hi Bob, The river is in fantastic shape so far this year and should be fishing great this summer. Looking forward to seeing you guys!

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