Mid May Bighorn Report

Mid May Bighorn Report

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We continue to roll through the month of May and the fishing has been pretty solid.  It’s  fairly busy people wise, but that’s standard for this time of year.  We are seeing a bit more moss in the water column below 3 mile and much more from Bighorn down, which cause a headache, but the fish don’t seem to mind .  A handful of rainbows are on the reds, but not the big push of fish we normally see, yet. Please be mindful of these areas and remember there are plenty of other fish to catch that aren’t trying to do their thing.

BA guide Seth Byler times a good photo op

Our recent cooler and cloudier weather has proved the spring Baetis are still strong in the afternoon hours.  The fish are getting a bit pickier, but are willing to play.  The standard CDC style patterns such as Dill’s BWO, CDC Biot Duns, Paraspinners and Cripple Thors are about all you need.  You will encounter some picky fish feeding on midge pupa and other morsels just under the surface film. These are the fish that you see the fins and/or tails breaking the surface film.   Our best tactic is to fish a HiVis pattern (Parachute Adams, Purple Haze) and drop a Jailbird midge, GB Zebra or a Copper Ribbed RS2 under it about 8-12″.

Nymph fishing is good for some and tough for others.  A solid spot is key right now as the fish are very concentrated.  Stick with the fish you find, switch bugs, change weight, do whatever is necessary, because there are going to be more.  Top nymphs include Zebra Midges, Tungteasers, Black Quills, JuJu Baetis and Red/Black midge.  You will get a few fish on the standard scud/sowbug fare, but the majority of fish are keyed on the small stuff.  Keep your bugs clean each drift and you will catch way more fish!


Steve and Jack whacked some bass up on the lake


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