Mid October Bighorn Update

Mid October Bighorn Update

October 22, 2016 3:06 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

We’re still enjoying our great fall weather on the Bighorn.  Some days have been a bit windier than we like, but we’ll deal with it.  The crowds have gone home and the fish are still eating really well!

Believe it or not, there have still been some solid days of Trico fishing.  Look for the warmer, sunnier, calmer days and plan on being in a good run around 10:00AM and you should have some awesome surface activity.  On the cloudy, calm days, the Psuedos have made a strong presence as well as the Fall Baetis.  These fish have been a bit picky, but provides for some rewarding fishing.  5.5X or 6X will be necessary and perfect presentations of the sparsest CDC patterns you have. 

cam casting

Stalking the late morning risers of October

The whole river continues to nymph really well, although we are dealing with a bit of grass.  Luckily it is only in the surface water column and breaks off easily.  The upper 3 remains the cleanest section, while 3 down can be somewhat of a chore to fish and has been just a bit spottier as far as consistency.  Big Orange Scuds (10-14), SH Ray Charles (tan, grey 16-18), Carpet Bugs (tan 14-18), 2 Tone Worms (wine/brown, tan/wine), Black Zebras, Psuedo Wonder Nymphs and small Pheasant Tails (20-22) are all good options right now.  Be sure to run a little extra weight (2 BB’s or so) through the deeper troughs to break through the grass and get down to where the fish are.

Our water temps are still in the low 60’s out of the gate, so until those drop, don’t expect any spawning fish to begin their deal.  This will have somewhat of an impact on streamer fishing as well.  It’s been good some days and marginal others.  As soon as we see water temps back in the 50’s, these fish know it’s feeding time and will become much more aggressive.  Another few weeks and we’ll be there!

Luckily we are blessed with a warmer than normal seasonal weather in our neck of the woods, so don’t be afraid to come out and enjoy the prime time of Fall fishing.  Watch the weather, keep away from windy days.  Even if it snows, those can be some of the best days of the year to be out!  

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