Mid September Fishing Report

Mid September Fishing Report

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The Bighorn River continues to shine as we move into fall.  The river is running at a full 4,000 cfs, give or take a bit, providing plenty of places for trout to occupy.  Floating grass still poses a bit of an obstacle, but is mostly limited to the top couple feet of the water column.  Keep your bugs clean and you will get plenty of fish.


This brown is starting to get his fall colors.


Our famous Bighorn Tricos are in full force.  Beginning with the duns in the early hours of the morning right on through to the spinnerfall at about 10-11, the fish are looking up big time.  Most of your focus should be from 3 mile downstream.  There is some phenomenal trico fishing on the lower river, but not much else going on down there after the morning hours.  Have a wide variety of patterns.  Spinners have been sighted from size 16 females down to size 22 males.  Our favorite bugs include: Harrop Paraspinner 16-22, Polywing Spinner (cream or black 16-22), YFG Trico Dun, Micro Wulff cripple (18-20) and Parachute Adams (18-20).  There are a few lingering Psuedos and have been especially important on the cloudy afternoons.

Hopper fishing is still not much of an event as we move through September.  You will get a few eats here and there but overall pretty spotty.  The ant and beetle fishing has been a bit more consistent.  Patterns like ‘The Tick’ and ‘Blooms Hi Vis Ant’ are consistent producers.  Try these through your pods of Trico fish and you may be in for a surprise.

Nymphing -Well, it’s still good.  A lot of fish are still found in very skinny fast water.  Boat fishing has been excellent some days and slower on others.  Wade fishing has overall produced the most numbers. A to B it’s all good.  Below Bighorn has been a grass fest and very difficult to keep your bugs clean.  Ray Charles (tan, grey 16-18), Wire Worm (red 4-6), Tungteaser (black 20), Olive Pheasant Tails (18-20), Psuedo Wondernymph (20-22) and Cream Quills (20) are about all you need.  We have seen an increase in Orange Scuds in recent stomach samples, so throw in a few to your Bighorn arsenal as the fish have been particular to them, especially this past week.

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