Bighorn River: More Streamers

Bighorn River: More Streamers

October 21, 2010 5:32 pm Published by

Nice Brown On A Dirty Red Photo by Nick Pentas

There are so many 8-10 fish in the river right now, it’s a smorgasbord for any fish that’s even marginally bigger to a lot bigger. Fish are chasing streamers like crazy right now, even in bright sunlight. No need to get fancy, basic woolly buggers and zonkers are working just fine, but any concoction of fur and feathers with get chased. Go basic and put a light streamer in front and a dark streamer off the back and let the fish decide which one they want. Use a light sink tip and pound the banks or put on a heavy full sink line and throw to the middle, it’s all working. Just make sure to move the fly. Lots of floating moss to contend with so the two streamer method works good as the front fly clears moss out of the way for the second fly. Pseudos and baetis hatching and bringing fish up and standard Bighorn fare (worms, sow bugs, scuds) will catch fish too. – DP


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