New Years Fishing Report

New Years Fishing Report

December 31, 2013 10:28 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The new year is approaching and the fishing continues to be great here on the Bighorn. According to the USGS water flows remain relatively consistent, with the river now flowing at 2,410 cfs. When it comes to the weather this past week has been nothing short of fantastic, as  temperatures have reached into the mid 30s and mid 40s. This has made an impact on our midge and baetis activity as hatches have been good, not great, but good enough to keep fish interested and looking up. Small midge and baetis patterns between the sizes of 18 and 22 have been rather effective. If looking to throw dry flies focus on the term “spot and stalk” as targeting on a single feeding trout will help to better increase your chances of success.

Crystal Clear at 3 Mile Access

Crystal Clear at 3 Mile Access

Nymph fishing has been good especially in the areas where you know trout will most likely be holding. As we have said in our last report the majority of fish are concentrated in the slower deeper pools, and finding these spots are the key to success. As the days get warm a few fish will move into the shallow water, mainly during the mid part of the day as water temps increase. As for the streamer bite it is remaining steady. Streamer colors such as white, black, and yellow are working great, but keep in mind that fish are keying in on certain colored streamers throughout certain times of the day.  Lighter colored streamers have been working well early in the day, and as the days light starts to fade away switch to more darker colors. A great tip that we have focused on in earlier posts is to change up your retrieval speed, as this can on occasion make all the difference. One thing that we cannot stress enough is to keep your eyes alert for spawning browns. These fish are the source to our healthy fisherie, and we ask that you watch your step for any spawning beds. On behalf of the Bighorn Angler staff we would also like to ask that everyone has a happy new year!


Dries: Griffiths Gnats or anything that represents a cluster, Smoke Jumper-Midge, CDC Transitional Midge. Baetis patterns such as the Student, CDC and regular Sparkle duns, Sipper Emerger, Parachute Adams, CDC Thorax Dun BWO, in Sizes 18-22 are great patterns to choose from.

Nymphs: Soubugs such as the Firebead Rays in pink and grey (14-16), Soft Hackle Rays in pink, tan, grey (14-16),  Zebra midges,Tungteasers, Red Midge larva as well as various other shades of tan, brown, olive, etc.  Baetis patterns such as the wonder nymph (18-20), Rainbow warrior (18-20), Killer May(18-20), Quill Nymphs (18-20) are working great. San Juan worms are working well in colors pink, and red.

Streamers: Sparkle minnows, Krystal buggers in olive and black, Small zonkers in natural and white, Small JJ’s, anything in the area of a size 6 with white or yellow/olive or yellow/brown combo.


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