November Dry Fly Fishing on the ‘Horn

November Dry Fly Fishing on the ‘Horn

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3mile top_Fotor

We weren’t quite sure what this last cold front would do to the fishing, but it has turned out for the best.  The Fall Baetis have really shown up and the fish have been gorging on them most days.  Overall, the fish seem to be eating everything better.  No matter sun or clouds, it’s all good!  A handful of people still around, but pretty low pressure overall. 

For the dry fly crowd, it doesn’t get much better.  The cold temps have the fish eating hard in preparation for the winter.  Expect daily Baetis emergences starting around 11 or so and continuing until 4ish.  In some spots, the fish are picky, others they could care less.  Carry your standard Spring selection (Students, CDC Sparkle duns, Smokejumpers, Para Adams) and you should be in business. The entire river has bugs right now as well, so pick your favorite section.

brady snag_Fotor

Brady hooked up on a Baetis sipper in the Snag

Grass is still an issue for the subsurface anglers.  Nymphing has been good in spots, but still remains a bit inconsistent.  Orange Scuds, Firebead Ray Charles (tan, grey 14-18), SH Rays (tan, grey 14-18), 2 Tone Worms, Wondernymphs and Zebras should all be in your repertoire.  Don’t be afraid to throw some extra weight to cut down through the grass.  We really like the Tungsten putty now as well.  It definitely doesn’t hang up as much on the grass. 

Streamer fishing is good and will just continue to get better.  Stick with small bugger and zonker type patterns and pick the lanes without grass.  Sink tips in the troughs and floating lines in the skinny water will cover the bases.

frozen up_Fotor

We’re just starting to see some of our browns get on redds.  Please be conscious of these areas and don’t walk all over the clean gravel with fish sitting on them.  We don’t advise fishing them either, but hey if you can’t figure out how to catch some of the other 5,000 fish per mile, maybe you need help.. We are still offering guide trips daily!

Off season rates are in effect for lodging and guide trips right now, so give us a call to book your stay at the Bighorn Angler!

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