On The Way Down

On The Way Down

June 29, 2015 4:59 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

That’s right, we’re finally seeing a drop in flows on the Bighorn.  Word from the Bureau is flows around 7,000 cfs by the first of July.  Right now we’re seeing about a 1,000 cfs drop everyday, which has the fish moving a bit, but fishing remains excellent.  No fish on the surface, yet, but a handful of Yellow Sallies, Black Caddis and a few PMD’s have been spotted  here and there.  It’s going to happen very soon!


Wade fishing, coming soon!

The Bighorn trout continue to eat heavily subsurface and not to sound like a broken record, but,  a worm pattern on top (Wire worm, 2 tone San Juan), Sowbug (SH Ray Charles, Carpet Bug, Natural Sow) on bottom.  The good news is less weight will be needed as flows drop and the river is nice and cleaned up from the majority of plant life we had growing.

This is still a great time for all you streamer junkies.  Water temps are up and the fish are on the chase big time.  The whole river down to Mallards has been fishing well and may be even be worth the trip way down low, where no one has ventured to go for a while…  Stick to Peanut Envys (black, olive, white) Little Kims (copper-4), Screamers (white, olive/black) and JR’s coneheads to get the job done.  Tip or no tip, just keep them swimming fast.

We are looking forward to a great summer as we have plenty of water in our drainage and should be able to maintain good flows for the remainder of the season.  We’re expecting an excellent dry fly season coming up here shortly, and as always we will let you know what’s going on down here on the Bighorn.

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