Pseudocleon – Bighorn River Hatch Information

Pseudocleon – Bighorn River Hatch Information

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Bighorn River Pseudo Hatch Information

Slender Light Colored Pseudo Nymph

Pseudo’s probably represent the most technical hatch to fish on the Bighorn River.  With the amazing number of bugs that can emerge between August and September the fish can really take notice.  Pseudo’s are typically found on the Bighorn in sizes 20 – 24.

The scientific classification for pseudocleon’s has gone back and forth over the years.  The consensus seems to be that they are a Tiny Blue Winged Olive. However with that being said, for fishing purposes carry Blue Winged Olive style patterns with a Pale Morning Dun colored body.

Bighorn River Fishing Tip:  Bighorn River trout key in on tiny pseudocleon nymphs.  Fish these small nymph patterns in the riffles during August and September and you will have great success.

Pseudo Dun – Small But Plentiful


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