Review – Rio Perception (Deception)

Review – Rio Perception (Deception)

December 5, 2013 4:03 pm Published by 2 Comments
Rio Perception

Rio Perception


There has been an awful lot of hype regarding Rio’s new Perception fly line.  We received a couple sample lines in different line weights and put them to the test on the Bighorn River.  While most feedback has been very positive, I feel this line does not fit into its performance guidelines.  Sure, there are positives to this line, but the negatives far outweigh them.

Rio states “Built with ultra-low stretch Connect Core Technology, Perception lines provide groundbreaking levels of sensitivity for intuitively better cast timing, easier line lift and sharp, precise mends. Lack of stretch also means enhanced detection of subtle takes and faster reaction time when setting the hook.”

Unfortunately we did not come to the same conclusion.  Four of us went out and the fished the Rio Perception on a multitude of rods and came to the conclusion that Rio did not create a line better than what is currently on the market. The main complaint by our experienced testers was “Lack of feeling and response” in this line.

We tested the Perception on a Orvis Helios 2 905 tip flex, a Beaulah Platinum 905, a Sage TCX 905 and a Hardy Zenith 905 while fishing small dries this fall on the Bighorn. The Rio Perception has its strengths as a dry fly line with a well dialed taper, similar to that of a Rio Gold.  The low stretch core does have its advantages.  The main being quick response when setting the hook and quick pick up off the water.  Hook setting with dries is another story.  We found this line to be somewhat inconsistent, the timing of your hook set had to change depending on the distance you were from the fish taking your fly. The timing of the set was critical, since there was less room for error with this line.

Not to fool ourselves, we brought along our favorite dry fly line to compare, the Rio Trout LT. The Trout LT was much more forgiving and we had much better feel, not only when setting the hook but casting the line as well. Maybe the no stretch core makes this line too aggressive? This was our conclusion. Maybe when fishing larger dries, such as hoppers we would have had a better result.

Nymphing with the Perception was decent.  We thought that the hook sets with a typical indicator – split shot – 2 fly setup, was pretty good.  I do not feel this taper was built for nymph fishing, (buy a Rio nymph line if you want a good nymph line).  It was good enough to turn over some weight and the 3 tone color did help track subleties of the drift, but again did not perform as well as a nymph line should.

The no stretch core in the Perception line takes the feeling out of the line and makes it load very inconsistent at various distances.  Up close, it was fine.  Once out about 35 or so feet, the line lost most of its feeling.  I hate to say it, but this is one of the worst casting lines I have felt in years.  There is another company making non PVC / no stretch core fly lines, and they have got it figured out. If you are looking for a PVC/No Stretch line you are much better off buying an Airflo Fly Line. Otherwise, stick to the tried and true Rio lines that have made the leaders in fly line development.  Unfortunately for Rio, this line is a bust.

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