Sowbugs – Bighorn River Fishing Information

Sowbugs – Bighorn River Fishing Information

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Bighorn River Sowbug Fishing Information

A stomach sample from one trout that was keyed into sowbugs this day

Sowbugs thrive off of the aquatic vegetation found in tailwater fisheries and represent probably the most significant food source for the trout of the bighorn.  Bighorn River anglers can use sowbugs everyday of the year to catch the rivers trout.  The Ray Charles is probably the most widely used fly pattern on the river and is deadly effective at representing the rivers sowbugs.

The trout in the bighorn key in on a specific color sowbug pattern from day to day and find the right color pattern will be the key to an angler’s success.  Why they key in a specific color sowbug pattern, I have yet to figure out a definitive answer.  Every sowbug I seine or stomach pump is grey or natural in color yet certain colors work far better than others at different times.  Some ideas are light condition, time of day etc…………

Sowbugs - A Bighorn River staple

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