The Hay Days Of Summer

The Hay Days Of Summer

August 5, 2010 8:12 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Nice Brown Mark Gervase Photo

More of the same on Bighorn. Hoppers are the name of the game. The majority of hoppers I am seeing have yellow underbodies and are present in a wide range of sizes. There has been an early afternoon caddis hatch on the upper 3 and consistent evening caddis throughout. Pseudos in the mix for those of you who like technical dry fishing. Nymph Fishing Solid.

Patterns: Rainy’s Hopper, Streambank Hopper, Sweetgrass Hopper, A wide range of p tails; flashbacks, olive, regular, green wired, beadhead etc… all working well. Palmered caddis, cdc caddis, hemingway caddis.

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