The Song Remains the Same

The Song Remains the Same

July 16, 2013 10:29 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Well, we sure wish we had something new to report, but fishing remains somewhat the same.  Consistent.  However, we are seeing more Yellow Sallies each day below 3 mile and a handful of PMD adults are showing up.  Stomach samples have turned up quite a bit more PMD nymphs in the Bighorn River trout’s diet, which gives all of us some hope that the main event of the summer will soon be here.

BA guide Bryant Mettler with a stout bow'

BA guide Bryant Mettler with a stout bow’


Nymphing has been the main game and it has been nothing short of excellent.  Water temps are still peaking in the high 40’s/ low 50’s.  Fish are widespread throughout the runs with many fish showing up in the faster tailouts and skinny riffles.  Worms and Sowbugs rule and fish are eating various colors and sizes.  Adjusting your indicator depth and split shot will dramatically change your success.  Baetis nymphs and midge pupa/larva are still strong players right now as well.

For the dry fly aficionados, there are some fish to be found.  There is still a small Baetis emergence during the afternoons, coaxing a handful of fish up to the surface.  Keep your eyes peeled as these fish are not all over the place.  Terrestrial fishing with ants and beetles is becoming very productive and there have been rumors of a few fish caught on hoppers.  It’s only going to get better!

Flies of the week: 2 Tone worm (8, 10), Atomic Worm (6), Black quill (18, 20), Soft hackle Ray Charles (Pink, Grey, Tan 16-18) Tungteasers (black), BA Zebra Midge, CDC RS2 (Grey 18-20), Bloom’s Para Ant (14-16), Foam Beetle (12-14) BWO CDC Biot Dun (20), Harrop’s Paraspinner (Rusty 14-18).

One of many nice browns for Tom this day

One of many nice browns for Tom this day

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