The World’s Greatest Trout River?………….

The World’s Greatest Trout River?………….

August 4, 2012 3:04 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Para Spinner Strikes Again!

It is always going to be in the conversation as one of the best and lately the Bighorn has been making it’s case to be at the top of the podium.(No olympics pun intended)  The fish are simply eating out there……PMD nymphs have been the go to bug underneath, especially in the afternoon, just about any PMD nymph imitation will work.   Sally nymphs, sowbugs and scuds are also accounting for a good number of fish each day.

The match the hatch fishing for dry fly anglers has been excellent.  Hatches of PMD’s, Sallies, baetis and black caddis have pods of fish up for most of the day.  The black caddis seem to be getting stronger each day, especially during mid day.

During the past few years of high water (2010-2011) water  temperatures in the river spiked very quickly into the 60’s as they released water off the top of the dam, which created very short but intense insect emergences, which was very evident with the Yellow Sally and Pale Morning Dun Hatches. This years cold water temperatures in the high 40’s and low 50’s, have created moderate hatches each day that last for months.  That is why we are having so many hatches overlap right now, which gives the fish a wide variety of insects to feed on.  You can have fish in the same pod feeding on two completely different insects or on totally different stages of the hatch.  Be prepared with a full arsenal of bugs and be ready for a trial and error session until you find the right imitation.

The world’s greatest trout river?……. At this moment in time, I would have to say yes!

Effective Bighorn River Nymph Patterns:  Poxyback PMD, Split Case PMD, Bighorn Angler Killerbug pink, Kyle’s Sally, Tungsten Sally, Pheasant Tail, Bighorn Scud

Effective Bighorn River Dry Fly Patterns: Student’s PMD Emerger, Tailwater Duns, Parachute Spinners, Neil’s Leftover Caddis, Bubbleback Caddis, Idyl’s Para Sally, CDC Caddis

JB from Ohio showing off another brown that was fooled with a para spinner


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