Times of Change on the Bighorn

Times of Change on the Bighorn

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We have been in a transition zone with the recent turn of weather.  Temps in the high 60’s and 70’s have kept the fish happy, although bug activity has been a bit off.  Tricos are still hanging in there, although we’re definitely past the peak activity of the year.  Here are some more details:

Expect your morning Trico spinner activity to be set back an hour or 2, or even several hours on the cooler days.  From Afterbay to 2 Leggins, there are still plenty of bugs to get fish up, although we have not seen the ‘mega pods’ we did with the hotter weather.  Pseudos have been making an appearance and have brought some light to the usual lack of afternoon activity.  Remember your tiny (22-24) bugs for these guys as the fish can get ultra picky, but usually will cooperate. 5X has been fine, although 6X may be necessary.  We trust Trouthunter Fluoro in this situation!

Charlie mallards brown

charlie fat brown

Charlie with a couple of thick browns that ate the dry this week

For the nymph crowd, the slight change in cooler weather has picked up the bobber bite.  It’s still mostly a Sowbug deal (Ray Charles, Carpet Bugs, Soft Hackle Sows).  Dropping a Trico spinner, or a Tungteaser in the AM is a good choice as well.  Of course you can always pick up a few on the worm.  We’ve been running our rigs shallow (relative to Bighorn standards).  About 6-7′ to the shot, and not much weight either, will get the job done.  There are piles of fish in the tailouts, skinny shelves and anywhere with a lot of gravel.

Expect an overall cool down for the next week or so, but we are not quite in fall mode yet.  It’s still pretty busy but the fish are literally everywhere, so don’t get too bent out of shape if your favorite spot isn’t open.  It’s a good time to check out some new areas, or even some new sections of river!

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