Trico – Bighorn River Hatch Information

Trico – Bighorn River Hatch Information

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Bighorn River Trico Hatch Information

Tricos at one time were probably the most famous hatch on the Bighorn. Tricos emerge on the Bighorn towards the end of August and last well into September. Tricos while small, hatch in great abundance.  While fish will key into the adults as they emerge tricos are most susceptible when they fall to the water as spinners.  Look for clouds of trico spinners over the tall grasses and trees along the rivers edge.
Hatch: August – September
Bighorn RiverFishing Tip:  Trico fishing occurs during the low clear flows of summer.  Once you have found fish feeding on trico’s be patient and have impeccable presentation.

Trico Spinner Nick Pionessa Photo

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