Trico Madness Continues!

Trico Madness Continues!

September 18, 2015 12:26 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Get to the Bighorn while you still can!  The Trico fishing is still very solid, in fact has been going non stop for the past month.  The fish are getting a bit pickier and the morning bug window has been getting just a bit shorter, depending on the day, but is still the best Trico fishing we have seen in years!  The Psuedos have showed up in large numbers on the upper 3 and even have made fish change their minds in the middle of thick Trico spinnerfalls to make them their food of choice.  Have some tiny parachutes (22-24), and other small junk that you can’t see and you’ll be set.  We are seeing some really great fish this late summer/early fall, so if you want to stick a good one on a dry, now is the time to do so.

Trico Cloud

That’s not fog…

Still a fair bit of grass in the surface, so for the nymph crowd keeping your bugs clean is a necessity.  Standard rigs and short rigs (3′ – 5′) are getting plenty of hookups.  Stick with Wire worms, Wine Chenille worms, SH Ray Charles (tan, grey 14-18), Tungteasers (black – 20), Sunk Trico Spinners, Carpet Bugs (14-16) and you’ll be good to go.  The river is fishing well from Afterbay to Mallards, although a bit grassy right out of the gate.  It’s been good!


Great mornings on the Bighorn

The Streamer bite has turned on big time as water temps remain up there and there are A LOT of fish in the skinny water.  No need for sink tips now.  Just line up your favorite 6 or 7 with a Lil’ Kim, JR’s conehead, Sparkle minnow or Screamer and you’re good to go. Definitley a lot more chases than real eats, but it’s still enough action to keep you going.

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