Trico Madness!!!

Trico Madness!!!

August 22, 2016 7:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

It’s still going strong on the Bighorn and just getting better!  Consistent Trico fishing in the morning is proving to be some of our best dry fly fishing of the year.  Yes, it’s busy, but not quite Spring busy.  With the recent Yellowstone closure, look for a few more folks poking around the river.  The good news is we have more than enough willing fish in a ton of spots right now, so get out and find em’!

Matt Brown

Some big boys are showing up to eat the dry!

Trico duns in the AM (6:30/7) will have plenty of fish up for a short window.  The main event has been the spinner fall around 9ish most mornings. From Afterbay to 2 Leggins, there are more than enough bugs and fish up to keep you busy.  Spinners on the upper river have been fairly good sized (18), while the lower river is seeing a smaller (20-22) sized spinner.  Paraspinners, Standard spent wings, Client Thor, Purple Haze, Double Wings, have a good assortment as some fish are pickier than others.  5x works fine most of the time but 6x in the slower spots will be a necessity. 

Trico Mat

A small Trico cake

Our Black caddis are about all done, although there have been a handful around on the upper 3 in the late afternoons.  Each day has been a bit different.  The Psuedos are also making an appearance on the upper river and will provide for some tricky afternoon dry fly fishing.  Expect this hatch to magnify as we move towards September.

Good news for the nymphing crowd – the river has cleaned up tremendously from what it has been.  It is probably as clean as we have seen all year!  Soft Hackle Ray Charles (Tan, Grey 14-18), Olive Pheasant Tails, Softhackle Sows (tan 14-16), Wire worms, Psuedo nymphs are all great choices.  Our fish are just eating really well and sometimes it just doesn’t matter! A good clean drift is a winner right now.  A lot of fish in the shallow shelves right now, so run lighter weight than you normally would. 

Expect some awesome fishing for the next few weeks as our Tricos reach their peak.  Respect everyone’s space out there and enjoy the Bighorn at it’s finest!

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