Up It Goes

Up It Goes

June 1, 2015 11:01 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Shelly getting bent

Due to recent excessive rains in the upper drainages of the Bighorn River, we have seen a big increase in flows (over 7,5oo cfs) over the past few days. It has provided us with a ‘flush’ that we could definitely use and will help clean up the bottom of the river. No telling exactly when flows will drop back down, but all we know is that the fish are eating very well! Word on the street is that we will see 10,000 cfs + this week.

This is generally a time where our traffic slows a bit on the river as we transition from Spring to early summer. However, this is one of the times you want to be on the Bighorn, especially if you don’t mind the watching the bobber and catching A LOT of fish. With the recent surge in flows, fish are already beginning to gorge on worms and big scuds. Gone are the days of size 20 midge pupa, which are now replaced by size 4 worms and size 10 scuds.  Make sure you have plenty of Wire worms, 2 tone worms, Carpet Bugs and Bighorn Scuds.  A few Baetis are lingering and you can find some fish up in the softer corners, so the dry fly guys will still have a few targets for the time being.

Water temps have bumped as well with the recent releases. This will increase the streamer bite BIG TIME. It’s been a tough go with the water temps in the low 40’s all spring, but now it’s time. High and warm water means big bugs, so get your all your articulated junk out and go to work.

Laurie with a nice high water brown

One last word – be careful when using the Bighorn boat ramp. There is a narrow window to get in and get your boat anchored up. We suggest having some experience on the oars before running down here.

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