Water Temps Rising, Water Flows Dropping

Water Temps Rising, Water Flows Dropping

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Peggy Fishing The Channels Above 3-Mile Access Photo HH
Over the past few days water levels have started drop and should continue to come down throughout the near future. The water schedule is as follows:
At 4pm today, releases will drop from 8,900cfs to 7,900cfs.
At 8am on Friday, releases will drop from 7,900cfs to 6,900cfs
At 8am on Saturday, releases will drop from 6,900cfs to 6,220cfs
How will these changing river condtions effect the fishing?
These water levels will make wading the river a much easier option from top to bottom. Now that the water temp’s are around 60 degrees look for dry fly fishing to improve. PMD hatches in isolated areas will be a real option in the next few weeks, along with yellow sallies, and terrestrial fishing should become a real option as well. As the river drops look for the fish to be possibly thrown off their normal routine as they settle into the new river condtions, and their feeding habits shift. The fish will also be transitioning into their summer lies in the faster more oxygenated water and the aquatic vegetation will begin to grow steadily from here on out. The hay days of summer on the Bighorn are now upon us, a wide variety of angling techniques will get your rod bent. Enjoy the warm weather and happy fishing!

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