Weekend Fishing on the Bighorn

Weekend Fishing on the Bighorn

April 21, 2018 3:41 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The Bighorn continues to be in full spring swing and fishing well.  A few more folks are showing up, but plenty of great water to fish right now.

Snakey BT

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening on each stretch:

A to 3

Good streamer fishing and boat nymphing.  The wade fishing spots have been a bit more limited up here.  As far as bugs, there are a ton of midges, but just a few Baetis.   Expect a few more BWO’s in the next week up here.

3 to B

Great fishing all around.  Cloudy days have good numbers of Baetis and Midges in the afternoons.  A few more wade options open up down here.  

Lower River

Just coming into shape.  We have had a ton of water coming out of Soap and Rotten Grass Creeks the past 6 weeks, so it really hasn’t been an option yet.  Not a bad option for streamer fishing this next week and keeping away from the crowds. 



Nymphs – Caviar Scud, Cotton Candy, Firebead Rays (tan, pink 16-18), Carpet Bugs, Soft hackle Rays (Tan, Grey 14-16), Wondernymphs, Rootbeer midges, Green weenies, Tung teasers.

Streamers – Smoltzilla, Pete’s Bugger, Lil’ Kim’s, Sparkle Minnows, Thin Mints

Dries – Smokejumpers, Dill’s Dun, Para Adams, Quigley’s Clusters, Transitional Midge, Schelle Cripples.


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