5 Knots Every Bighorn Angler Should Know

5 Knots Every Bighorn Angler Should Know

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Perfection Loop – A simple knot for putting loops into the end of leaders.

Duncan Loop – Knot used to attach your fly to the tippet, that creates an open loop between your fly and knot which allows your fly to move more freely.  A great knot for streamer fishing.

Nail knot – Used for attaching your backing to the fly line or a leader to fly line.  The easiest way to do this knot is with the Knot Tyer tying tool. I carry one with me everyday just in case your equipment fails.

Blood Knot – Used to attach tippet to your leader, and performs the best when attaching two lines of the same diameter or one size higher or lower.  The blood knot leaves the cleanest knot when finished.  However, the triple surgeon’s is a better knot to use for attaching lines with a more substantial diameter difference such as 1x to 3x.

Improved Clinch Knot – The staple knot when attaching your fly to your tippet.  The normal clinch knot for small flies will hold just fine, however when you are attaching a large hook if you do not use the improved clinch knot the knot will eventually fail.

For more information on how to tie these knots and other effective fly fishing knots visit these sites:



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