5 Things I learned From Kelly Galloup About Streamer Fishing

5 Things I learned From Kelly Galloup About Streamer Fishing

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Last night I attended a presentation by Author, TV Host, Guide and lodge owner Kelly Galloup.  Kelly is known for being being a the modern day streamer guru, whose techniques and fly patterns have taken some HUGE trout. The body of his work focuses on not catching average trout up to 20 inches, but the true predator fish in 24” plus range.   He has authored several books and videos on the topic that can be purchased from his website www.slideinn.com

1.) A large predator trout targets fish half of it’s body size – Once a trout reaches trophy proportions the focus of it’s diet is solely on other fish and other organisms such as mice and snakes.  It does not have to eat as often but when it does it eats a substantial meal.

2.) Large predator trout will move incredible distances to find food – Like a great white shark covering vast expanses of the open sea, large trout will move many miles not only throughout the season but in a matter of a day to find the most efficient place to eat.  These fish typically move during the night and on the few shoulder hours around sunset and sundown.  During the day these fish seek refuge in slower deeper water to rest before going on the feed again.

3.) Predator trout eat their prey head first –  Trout eat their prey head first.  Think about it this way how could a trout ingest another fish tail first simply on the basis of their shape. Fins, gills and tails would disallow the ingestion of the organism.  Many times a large fish will strike a prey head first to stun it or disable it and then eat it.  That is why many of times you get an explosion but no connection on your fly. …and that trailing fly you have on there not so important either.

4.) Use the rod to move the fly –  Most anglers use only their stripping hand to move the fly.  By incorporating action into the fly using your rod tip you will present your fly in a much more seductive way, triggering the natural instinct of that predator fish to strike.  Ever watch a business fisherman work a lure?  They are always incorporating rod tip motion into their presentation to trigger a strike.

5.) Big Fish Eat Big Flies – You need a big fly to trigger the instinct of that large predator fish.  Kelly incorporates many materials that provide movement in his flies and makes many of them articulated.  The overall shape of the fly is the single most important factor and then color.


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