5 Ways to Keep Your Dry Fly Floating

5 Ways to Keep Your Dry Fly Floating

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Dry Fly Floatants – 5 of the Best

Fly Duster – Think Frog’s Fanny  but better.  Fly Duster is a white powder formula applied with a brush that is great for drying off delicate dry flies.  Fly Duster comes in a 2 oz bottle and retails for about $7.50 vs. other powder floatants that cost $5.50 for 1 oz.

Amadou –  Amadou is a fungus that grows on trees in Europe and is extremely effective at sucking the moisture out of your dry fly.  While these pads are relatively expensive around $20 retail they will last you for years.  After I catch a fish I use my amadou pads to suck the majority of the moisture out of my dry fly then hit it with Fly Duster then back to fishing.

Dehm’s Fly Drier – Is a synthetic form of Amadou that is quite functional at sucking the moisture out of your dry fly.  I use these synthetic pads for my larger dry flies.  Dehm’s is cheap and effective.

FlyAgra – FlyAgra is an excellent waterproofing liquid.  Every time I tie a fly onto my tippet it goes into FlyAgra.  Simply unscrew the top and dip your fly in.  This stuff works extremely well on big foam flies such as grasshopper patterns, but also works with delicate dries.  If you apply it the day before and let it dry overnight it works even better.

Loon Aquel – This is my favorite gel floatant on the market.  I have found that Aquel is the least sensitive gel floatant when it comes to temperature change.  When it’s hot outside it doesn’t turn to liquid and when it is cold it doesn’t harden like a rock.  Works well on any fly pattern.


Five Floatants to keep your fly floating

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