Best New Products 2015

Best New Products 2015

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This year at IFTD (International Fly Tackle Dealer) show, Orvis introduced the new Recon fly rod, which has grabbed the attention of many fly fishing. This is one of many new products Orvis is debuting this upcoming year. The Recon is set to replace the popular mid priced Access, which we think they did a great job of. The Recon is a fast action line of rods sharing many of the same attributes as it’s big brother the Helios H2 including similar rod tapers. Compared to the Helios 2 the Recon is not quite as light in hand, but are both very similar when comparing casting power. Looks are sure to impress as well, as the Recon offers a few unique features that most mid-priced rods do not. Featuring black nickel hardware on the reel seats, green shadow blank, and a dark walnut burl reel seat this rod is sure to impress many. Orvis Recon-$425

ACCEL-Alt-590Sage Accel

Once again the designers at Sage have produced yet another high quality fly rod. The new mid priced Sage Accel has been making waves throughout the fly fishing community for it’s unique look and excellent taper design. The Accel comes from the same blood line as one of my favorite line of Sage rods the Z-Axis, where they have reinvented their Generation 5 Technology.  Designed to be a medium-fast action rod, the Accel is available to be purchased as a single handed rod, switch, or as a spey. I would say it leans more on the fast side, but not nearly as fast as the Sage One.  They wanted to have a rod that anglers felt loaded with ease and gave them optimal casting control. By adding a graphite hoop core, and axial fiber material, allowed for the Accel to be lighter and have a more responsive feel. This has quickly become my go to trout rod and loads beautifully with the new Rio In Touch gold line. Sage Accel-$595.

300x300px-LS-65234744_10215729-1720496-10215729_isSimms Freestone Zippered Waders

Zippered Waders have been on the rise in popularity ever since they were first introduced, the problem was that they were not very affordable. Simms has solved that problem in 2015 with the Simms Freestone Zippered Waders.  Simms has not only created a zippered wader that is durable, but is feature packed at only $399. One of our favorite features of all is the built in magnetic retractor docking stations, to assure your forceps or nippers are kept close by, for ease of use. The main concern for most is buying waders that are durable.  The new Freestones Incorporate a heavy-duty, engineered fabric with a micro-porous waterproof coating, which consist of a 2-layer coated fabric, a single membrane layer and a 3-layer tricot fabric. These waders are not only stylish at $399 they also make zipper technology attainable.


NEW-FreestoneSimms Freestone Boot

Simms Freestone boots have become one of the most popular boots on the market for year now and for good reason. They have always been durable, comfortable and very affordable.  New for this 2015 season Simms has made a few minor changes. All of the main design points have been kept the same such as the synthetic leather, and abrasion resistant rubber located on the front. Each seam will now receive triple stitching, and neoprene lining located on the inside to make ithem easier to slip on and off. Hard to believe a product that has been highly sought after as one of the toughest boots on the market, is still receiving additional reinforcements.  Freestone Boots-$139.95

Lamson Liquid and Remix

Lamson has been an innovator behind fly reels for many years, and have developed a variety of high performance designs for the die-hard angler. Let’s be honest, we all want high performance gear without having to spend half our paycheck. Thankfully Lamson set out to design a reel that was cost effective, but still managed to have style and give high quality performance. They managed to succeed by creating not just one, but two new reels that are kind to our wallets, and have the performance that die hard anglers dream of.

RemixLiquidLamson Liquid

Heads typically turn away when presented die cast aluminum reels, but who says die cast reels cannot be durable, sleek, and long lasting? When it comes to the new Lamson Liquid, Lamson has proved that with strict quality control they can deliver a product that is inexpensive and durable. The Liquid in the 1.5 and 2 models (3 to 5wt) start at just $99. They are built with a fully sealed conical drag system, and assembled here in the USA by the same workers that assemble the higher priced Lamson reels. When looking to purchase the Liquid one must remember that they are not just buying a cheap reel, but buying a reel built with quality, and the care Lamson strives to give.

Lamson Remix

Next up in line, above the Liquid, is the new Lamson Remix. Machined from 6061 bar stock aluminum, the Remix is classified as a “Hybrid” design. What exactly does the “Hybrid” entail? It means that the Remix is designed between the free-form structures of a cast spool, and the mechanical integrity of a CNC-machined case. To put it simply the Remix incorporates both die cast, and machined aluminum parts. Having the spool created from die cast allows for both the Liquid and Remix to be compatible together. Just like the Liquid, and every other Lamson reel on the market, the Remix features the same conical drag system. Unlike other inexpensive reels on the market, the Remix is hand crafted here in the United States, and starts at $159.95 for 1.5 and 2 models.

26b57571-46f1-4993-a7f7-5a8a04eaff00Rio In-Touch Fly Lines

The Rio Perception was the first line introduced with their low stretch connect core technology. After extensive testing we felt the Perception was not up to our performance standards, which made us a little hesitant once were heard of the arrival of the new In-Touch series. After a variety of day’s field testing the In-Touch, we noticed a considerable difference and enjoyed fishing each one. The In-Touch lines have incorporated the fly line tapers of their standard models such as the gold and Grand, allowing these lines to excel in every performance category.  In Touch Lines – $89.95

image-400x266Tacky Fly Boxes

There are a variety of fly boxes on the market that all seem to have a few minor flaws such as bulkiness, low grade foam, and can be inconvenience to open and close. Thankfully Tacky Fly Boxes has created one of the most convenient, durable, and well organized fly boxes now on the market. The slim design accommodates a large number of flies, and the clear lid allows for easy viewing of any pattern you decide to choose. The most impressive feature is the silicone fly inserts, which over time will not see the wear and tear that foam will. Designed with tear shaped cutouts, this allows flies to stay better intact, rather than the standard triangle shaped slits we are so used to seeing. Tacky has also incorporated a new material for the body, which is made out of polycarbonate (the same material used in sunglass lenses). This will reduce the risk of cracks if it is to fall on hard ground. Unlike many other fly boxes Tacky has built in magnetic closures, allowing for an easy open and closure system. Tacky fly boxes-$24.95.

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