Best New Products for 2014

Best New Products for 2014

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Every year there are dozens of new products introduced to the fly fishing retail community.  As an on- the river fly shop, we have an excellent testing ground and get to see what products perform the best.  Here are some excellent new products you will see on the shelves at the Bighorn Angler for 2014:

Trouthunter Tippet Post:  For all you Trouthunter tippet aficionados, who have chosen to fish the best fluorocarbon tippet on the market; Trouthunter has developed a functional tippet holding system that can be attached to vests, lanyards, caribiners or whatever.  There is a unique waterproof ‘stash’ container in the middle of post for storing flies, or parsley…


Simms Headwaters Guide Sling Pack:  Simms has reintroduced their line of Headwaters bags and packs and feature functionality with stylin’ good looks.  There new guide sling pack is the star of the line-up. As we do a lot of wade fishing here on the Bighorn, we have grown fond of comfortable packs that allow easy access to all of your gear,  stay out of the way of tangling with your fly line, yet hold enough gear to hike for a good portion of a day.  The Headwaters large sling pack has plenty of room for all necessary fishing items, along with your lunch and rain jacket.

headwaterslgsling (214x235)


Hardy Jet Fly Rod:  We fished the prototypes last summer and have been waiting for their release.  A fine compliment to the Sintrix line, these rods are a scaled down version of the Zenith that still offers tremendous benefit to the angler, while keeping a few more dollars in your wallet.  These feature packed rods are a slightly softer action then the Zenith rods, and much more suited towards dry fly fishing.  The Jet line of rods offers the same sleek good looks as the zenith for about $150 less. This line up of rods offer rods in the  9’6″ and 10′ rod lengths.  A few of our favorite models for the Bighorn are the 8’6″ 4wt, 9′ 5wt, 9’6″ 6wt and the 10′ 4wt. $450 – $550

hardy jet (600x221)


Orvis Silver Sonic Guide Waders:  The original Silver Sonic Convertible wader introduced last year was our top selling wader we have ever carried.  I was excited to hear about the new decked out guide model and see its features.  The guide model Silver Sonics are a heavier dressed model of wader full of features like a tool dock, padded suspenders and 4 layer material throughout the lower half of the wader that offers added durability for those that like to abuse their gear. While the cost is slightly higher than the silver sonic convertible waders, they are definitely worth the extra $ for the extra features you get and are still far less expensive compared to other premium waders. $395 standard wader, $425 Zippered Wader




Orvis CFO:  I know it’s old school and it doesn’t have a self lubricating dirt proof drag, large arbor design or whatever, but for the classic gear fans, you can’t beat its classic good looks and simple functionality. Orvis has re-introduced this classic reel and we think it is worth noting. The CFO comes in three different sizes and is most importantly being made in the USA once again, where it should be. Manufactured by Abel for Orvis, doesn’t get much better than that.

orvis cfo (600x600)


Airflo Super Dri Fly Lines:  I have to admit, I was a little burned by Airflo’s last Ridge lines as the tips would sink to the bottom of the river right out of the box.  So, when our Airflo rep handed us new samples of the Super Dri series, I had to see how great they were.  They are simply great.  They float high and stay slick throughout the day.  In fact, I have switched my arsenal of trout lines over to the various Super Dri lines offered.  Our favorite lines include the Exceed for faster rods and big bugs, and the Elite for dry flies and general presentations. If you are in the market for a new trout line, which you should be every year, these should be considered.



Simms G3 Guide Boot:  Can the best boot in history get better? Yes!  With an improved platform featuring proprioception, which minimizes rigid underfoot materials for enhanced feel and comfort, whether on the trail or in the water, these boots are awesome.  Much of the boot is still comprised of leather material, creating for a long lasting form fitting comfortable boot. Simms is still making the best boots on the market!

g3guideboot (278x400)

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