Bighorn Early May Update

Bighorn Early May Update

May 9, 2017 9:46 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Finally we are are seeing stable flows here on the Bighorn.  The crowds aren’t too bad and the fishing is very consistent.   As Spring temps climb and the snow really starts to melt, we will soon be the only solid fishery in the State.  


The Shiners are still the talk of the town and flashy white or grey patterns continue to dominate the streamer world.  It’s not a bad idea to dead drift some of these under an indicator right now…  Zonkers, JR’s coneheads, Flash Frys are being emptied from the bins everyday.  Sink tips are not necessary but definitely keep your bug down in the zone.  

Spring Baetis continue to appear with the great weather.  Some afternoons and select evenings have quite a few fish up on the surface.  Standard CDC BWO patterns and small terrestrials are getting it done.  


Worms are starting to take their share of fish and expect this to get better as the water continues to warm up.  Wire Worms, 2 Tone Chenilles and Standard SJW’s are all you need right now.  Drop your favorite Sowbug behind or micro worm and you will be in business.  The fish have been fairly concentrated still so it’s more likely that changing where you are fishing vs. changing patterns is more likely the case.  As water temps climb, expect the fish to spread out into several more spots.   

Matt G & G Carp

On the other side of the fishing spectrum, the carp fishing has really picked up on the big lake.  It looks like it’s going to be a Cicada year as good numbers are appearing up there.  Smaller foam beetles and ants have been the best patterns as of late.

No word on what is really happening with future flows.  There is a more likely chance it will go up rather than down. We’re on the water everyday and feel free to give us a call to see what the word is!




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