Bighorn Fishing Report: Spring Rain

Bighorn Fishing Report: Spring Rain

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Double in the Net May 2010

The river will be rising today and tomorrow. It will end up at 4,000 cfs by noon tomorrow. As for whether it will have to go higher still, I’m not sure. Snowpack is still below average, but recent rains have brought us closer to where we need to be. 4,000 cfs is still in the “normal” range, and the additional water is good for the river. My partner, Steve, has been fishing streamers lately, and he tells me the moss situation is greatly improved. You can fish streamers all the way to Bighorn Access without any problem. Both nymph and dry fly fishing have been exceptional lately; however, we expect the rising water to have an adverse effect on the dry fly fishing. When the water stabilizes, the surface action should be excellent once again.

Cream midge larvae patterns have been top producers in the morning. We tie several different patterns with olive-cream colored bodies and black heads. Size 18 seems to work best. The Zebra Midge, Young’s Midge Larva (brown Coats & Clark thread), and Root Beer Midge have also been effective. Baetis Nymphs patterns come on strong in the afternoon. Productive patterns include the Flashback Quill Nymph, Olive Pheasant Tail Nymph, and Downey’s Wonder Nymph. Sowbug and Scud patterns have also come on strong with the higher water. Size 16 Soft Hackled Sow Bugs and Tan Ray Charles are working well.

Dry fly fishing has been very good during the last three days (5/9 – 5/11) on Baetis duns and midge adults. The Student is still chugging along, as are CDC Baetis Sparkle Duns and Sipper Midges. Size 20 has been the preferred size.

We’ll keep you posted as to the changing conditions. So far this spring the fishing has been exceptional.

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