Bighorn River Fly Fishing: Question & Answer

Bighorn River Fly Fishing: Question & Answer

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Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions of late:
1. How’s the fishing? The fishing has been great if you enjoy catching lots of fish on nymphs. Most of the fish are being caught while boat fishing, but there is some wade fishing to be had in the back channels and around islands.
Do you expect water flows to rise?
The answer was “No” a couple of weeks ago. But we’ve had some thunderstorms during the last week that have been intense, and the lake is full. We may know later today if the flows will have to come up.
Are you still expecting hopper fishing in July and August?
Yes, as near as we can tell, it should be a great hopper year.
Are the rainbows done spawning?
Almost done. There are still some fish on the redds, but they’re finishing up nicely. It will be nice to see those big bows fatten up and get back in the game.
How is the river below BH Access fishing?
It’s been off color due to recent rains, but Soap Creek cleared up nicely yesterday (6/21), so we expect to be able to fish the lower section this week.
What’s the average size of the fish you’ve been catching?
Most of the fish have been in the 14″ – 16″ range. Occasionally we get fish in the 18″ – 20″ range.

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