Bighorn River Report – Up It Goes

Bighorn River Report – Up It Goes

July 9, 2014 7:27 am Published by 2 Comments

We thought there were stable summer flows upon us on the Bighorn, but we are in for a change.  Currently the river just bumped from 5500 CFS from 4500CFs.  Word on the street is 7500 CFS by Thursday afternoon.  What will this do?  Well the fish will continue to eat, as the fishing has been excellent, but expect some strange trout behavior.

Our famous Black Caddis have made their appearance and some fish can be found up mid day and again in the evenings.  PMD’s are here and there but we are probably a couple weeks out.  Ants and beetles continue to be great searching patterns as well.  Expect the fish to be off with rising flows, but as we move through the month these hatches will continue to get stronger.


Stomach samples are still yielding high numbers of Sowbugs and worms with the odd Caddis pupa thrown in.  Expect the worm fishing to get better with the rising water.  Wire Worms, Atomic Worms, and 2 tones will be great lead bugs with Ray Charles (Grey 14-16), Epoxyback Sowbugs (14-16) and Soft Hackle Sowbugs (Pink/Tan 14-16) being choice droppers.

As always, we’ll keep you updated with current conditions and what mood our Bighorn Trout are in.  Remember to adjust your rigs accordingly to water conditions (faster flows = more split shot) and be thankful we have plenty of water in our great Bighorn drainage for the year.

Taking turns on Black Caddis feeding fish.

Taking turns on Black Caddis feeding fish.

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  • Mark DeBourg says:

    Does the BOR just hire washed out weather casters? What if we had actually had some rain this spring/summer?

    • mtangler says:

      The management of Bighorn Lake and outflows into the Bighorn River has been a fuck up of epic proportions this year. Just hope inflows subside sooner than later and bugs emerge. Another week or two maybe? When it does come down expect it to crash down pretty quickly.

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