Bighorn River Weekend Update

Bighorn River Weekend Update

July 20, 2018 6:16 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

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The Bighorn continues to drop every day until it hits the 3k mark, which should be early this next week.  The fishing has been a bit up and down as far as consistency, but overall is good and should be excellent once flows stabilize.  The clarity is getting better and the drifting vegetation is not much of an issue.  It’s about to be prime summer time on the Bighorn!

Tricos are getting better each week and if you want to play the early morning dry fly game, this is the time to do so.  They are not everywhere, yet, so keep cruising spots until you find the pods.  The fish are not too educated yet, so you can get away with a bit larger patterns (18’s) right now.  CDC Paraspinners, Double Wing Spinners, Parachute Adams, HiVis spinners are all good options.

With the decreasing flows, the water temps have dropped a bit which has kept the Black Caddis around a bit longer than normal.  The dry fly activity is limited to the evenings and cloudier afternoons, while fish are still keyed into the pupa throughout the whole river in the afternoons.  The Poodle Sniffer is a must have for imitating these.  

For the indicator gang, Sowbugs are still king with black caddis pupa and pseudo nymphs a close second.  We’ve been running 5-7′ from indicator to shot and a couple B shot, or equivalent.  The fish are still in the faster shelves and middle river lanes where the grass isn’t growing.  From this time of year going forward, any area you see clean rock bottom, there probably will be some fish.  



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