Bighorn Tricos – It’s On!

Bighorn Tricos – It’s On!

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We’re happy to report the Tricos are back in full force and fish have been absolutely gorging on them!  After a mediocre Black Caddis season (for unknown reasons), we are welcomed with the best dry fly fishing of the year.  Spinner eating pods of fish can be found up as early as 8 AM some days and lasting until 11:30 or so.  Look for the bug life to get better, although it is pretty solid right now.  The majority of activity is found from about 3 Mile all the way down to Mallards.   Expect some crowds as well, but there are more fish to throw at than you know what to do with.

As far as Trico patterns are concerned, our top producers have been the CDC paraspinner (18-20), Client Thor (20), Parachute Adams (18-20), Double Wing Spinner and Standard Poly Spinners.  5x is fine right now, but 6X season will be here soon.  Don’t forget ant patterns for a good lead fly!

Sonic Tricos

Yes, there is still some ‘moss’ left in the system, although it is quite a bit more manageable than earlier this summer.  Keep your bugs clean and you will be into fish all day!  Popular nymphs include SH Ray Charles (tan, grey 14-18), Tungteasers (black 18-20), Wire Worms, Olive Pheasant tail (16-18) and the infamous Poodle Sniffer (16-18).  A lot of fish are found in the tailouts and tops of runs in very thin water, so don’t over look those areas.  You do not need much weight right now.

Para hopper closeup

Up close with a hopper eater



For the hopper crowd, it appears to be following similar suit as last year, meaning some eats here and there, nothing to write home about.  Pink remains the dominant color – Pink Morrish, More or less, Fat Franks, etc.  Blind fishing other attractors such as Bloom’s Ants, Royal PMX’s and Chubbies will also bring some fish to the surface.  

XL Hopper

XXL hopper found floating down the middle of the river

Our Bighorn water temps are a good 8-10 degrees cooler than the other popular rivers, which equates to healthy, willing fish for the rest of the summer.  Come join us on the Bighorn for the best dry fly fishing in the State of Montana, and it’s just getting started!

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