Bighorn River Resources

Bighorn River Resources

This is a compilation of our original content and some of the best from around the web to make you a more effective Bighorn River Angler.

Water Releases, Lake Levels and Current Issues

Lake Levels and River Releases

Bighorn River Alliance

Techniques, Tips and How To

Bighorn River PowerPoint Presentation – Hour Long!

How to setup a Bighorn River Nymph Rig

How to Properly Dress a Dry Fly

How to Master the Reach Cast

Know Your Bugs

Match the Hatch – Midges

Match the Hatch – Blue Winged Olives

Eight Must Have BWO Dry Fly Patterns


Bighorn River Fishing Videos

Spring Fishing Video – 2015 by Bighorn Angler

Spring Fishing Video – 2015 by Client Ben Chorn

Summer Dry Fly Video – 2012